Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've got my blog set what?

Most of you have started to design the structure of your blogs. You may have added a few bells and whistles, but now it is time to add some content to your blog. Perhaps you are starting to feel stuck. What does one write about in a blog?
Think of this blog as a way of expressing your opinions on various subjects. You do not need to stick with a particular topic or theme this semester, you are free to write about any topic that could be deemed as classroom appropriate.
If you have not already posted introductory information about yourself, you may want to create a blog post which addresses your interests and hobbies. Consider creating a post which helps your classmates to get to know you.

Occasionally I will post links to places that will be of use to you as you start blogging. Perhaps the following links will help you as you begin composing your posts:

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